Stillwater Retreats is located in Park City, Utah and is orginized by a group of Medical Doctors who's main interest is "The Art of Living Well."

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Lisa Y.

Thank you all for preparing the path to bring me back to my truth and new creations to come. What a lovely time together - warm energy, enlightening treatments, and lots of love. 

Winter Retreat at Sundance, 2018


Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I felt safe, loved and am thrilled to have gained new tools to create a life filled with balance, love and openness! Thank you for sharing your gifts. 

Winter Retreat at Sundance, 2018


Thank you for all for a precious weekend of health, wellness and personal growth. You have all made a tremendous positive impact on my life.

Winter Retreat at Sundance, 2018


I loved every minute of this retreat. Extensive work went into giving us the tools to create a better life for ourselves. Babbie Lester created a 5 star experience with her professional team. I can't wait for the next retreat. It was simply an amazing experience.

Spring Retreat at Bryce Canyon, 2017


Stillwater Retreats was so much better than I could have imagined. It was on this retreat that I truly felt relaxed. And I don't mean relaxed in the sense that one typically does on a retreat. This was an active relaxation, which made all the difference for me. I worked really hard as did the other participants during my time at Stillwater in working through personal matters both individually and collectively. The entire staff was phenomenal, which I don't say lightly. I was amazed at how intelligent, personable, connected, and inspiring every one of them were. Each of them has their own personality and their variety of backgrounds really lent itself to a comfortable environment. Six months later (as I am writing this), I am using practices that I learned and connected to at the retreat. This experience blessed my life at the time, and will continue to bless me for the rest of my life.

Spring Retreat at Bryce Canyon, 2017

tobey Z.

If only words could possibly communicate the depth of our gratitude for the miracles that Dr. Babbie Lester performs.


I’m so grateful that Babbie Lester was recommended to me as a resource for treating several health problems I was facing. Where other practitioners could identify symptoms that varied and seemed to be connected, they could never tell me why they were happening or how to completely heal from them. Babbie was able to connect all of those dots and knew right away how to treat them as a whole using acupuncture and simple modifications in diet. Those who were close to me could almost immediately see the difference that I felt. In addition to addressing my health concerns and symptoms Babbie introduced me to resources that continue to facilitate improvement of my life today. Her treatment is something I highly value, and it has inspired me to live a beautiful life with the full support of my husband, children, extended family and friends. I continue to recommend her frequently for help and support in all areas of healing.

Mark Hyman, MD

UltraWellness Center

I was able to meet Natural Health Chef, Kate Scharenbroich during the Sundance Premiere of Fed Up in Park City, Utah.  During that time, Kate created health supportive meals and a gourmet 10-day detox dinner.  Not only were her meals naturally healthy, but deliciously fresh and beautifully presented.

Kate was also involved to create a curriculum for a 10-day detox challenge for 40 eighth grade students at Treasure Mountain High School in Park City. During this time, she was extremely dedicated, dependable, and adds value to a multi-disciplined team.  She showed a great rapport with people of all ages with her ability to communicate and connect with others. She showed personal confidence and insightful contribution while teaching healthy cooking classes for students, as well as sharing tips for wellness based cooking to those enjoying her dinners.

Kate enhanced the quality of Fed Up Challenge program and sincerely believe she will make a positive contribution to any organization.

Richard Yulman
CEO Serta

Kate was an absolute pleasure. It was a delight to have such a caring personality around our house.  Her nourishing cooking was consistently exceptional. Kate has a deep understanding of natural gourmet cuisine.  She was able to develop menus that met the dietary needs of our guests and create beautiful, healthy meals to satisfy a wide spectrum of food allergies and specific diets. Her gourmet culinary skills were matched by her genuine personal goodness. She is a kind and conscientious chef and her care is presented in her food.


I met Kirsten at a time in my life when I was undergoing a transition. I set out from home for a couple days to Moab to hike and clear my head. Opening up the Rocket Trike box was like opening up a treasure chest in a long-forgotten attic. I still use cards from the box from time to time--as a means for generating insightful discussion at the dinner table with my kids, or at a gathering with friends. These tools especially helped me remember that the sacred is always around us at all times, it is just for us to take that one step towards it.

Kristi W.

From the first time I met Coral, I felt a connection of love and trust. She is someone I am drawn to for her deep insight and understanding and also her honesty. I can trust she is speaking from her heart when she counsels and advises.

We had the opportunity of attending one of Dr. Bradley Nelson's seminars together and I was fortunate to be witness to Coral's gift of healing. I have loved having her work on me with the emotion code because she is deeply in tune with her spirit and what messages it is sending. She has a gift of following that inner compass and trusting it will guide her to whatever others are in need of. Her perspective is clear and profound.

Coral cares about people and finds her greatest joy in life when she's helping others. Every choice she makes or job she takes is somehow blessing the life of someone else. She's not afraid to take risks and make changes when inspired to do so. I am excited to witness her journey as an Emotion Code practitioner. I have referred friends to her to be worked on and will continue to do so. She will bless and heal many souls. 

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